A little bit of history...

Where does the name of our school come from?

During the 80’s, specifically 1982, Mrs. María Alicia Claramunt and Dr. Michael Varley gave shape to the dream of founding a school that would be a milestone and guide in the integral education of each of the children who would be part of this educational project. And they were not mistaken, as Wenlock School, after 39 years, has positioned itself as a school of excellence, with the prestige and recognition that reflects its daily work, shaping the citizens and leaders of tomorrow, for Chile and the world, who carry the school’s hallmark spirit of service.

We could go on writing many more lines that represent what our school is today, how it has grown and how it went from a house in La Reconquista St., in Las Condes, with only 28 students, to the more than 800 students we have today, in the same district, but in Carlos Peña Otaegui St., where the majestic Andes Mountains are our best bodyguard and the Santiago basin our best view.

Thinking back to the beginnings of our school, one cannot help but wonder where it got its name. Much Wenlock is a town in the county of Shropshire in England, specifically in the centre of the West Midlands, close to the border with Wales and west of Birmingham.

Historically, Much Wenlock was the main town of the ancient community of Wenlock. The “Much” was added to the name to distinguish it from nearby Little Wenlock, and signifies that it is the larger of the two settlements.

The name Wenlock is thought to derive from the Celtic name Wininicas, meaning white area, in reference to the limestone of Wenlock Edge, plus the Lock, perhaps from the Old Welsh “loc” meaning monastery. This word is derived from the Latin “locus” meaning place.

Among the most notable historical attractions in the city are Wenlock Priory, a ruined 12th century monastery, and the Guildhall, a timber-framed building in the city dating back to 1557, where the first floor houses a market with fruit, vegetables and flowers, while the second floor can be visited by tourists and the curious.

But how does this location relate to the name of the school?

Dr. Varley thought of a name that would represent part of the culture of his country, that would mean something to him and that would generate an unmistakable identity, but at the same time would be short, easy to pronounce and easy to remember for all people, children and adults. This is how he recalled his childhood when he enjoyed his trips and bicycle rides to Much Wenlock. Thus, for historical, sentimental and practical reasons, “Wenlock” was the name chosen for our school.

This small village dates back to Roman times, which still attracts many visitors for its natural beauty, rich heritage and architecture; characteristics that we will try to convey to you through the following images.

Natalia Vera Fuenzalida.
History, Geography and Social Sciences Teacher.

Dr. Michael Varley (Partner Chairman of the Board) and Ms. María Alicia Claramunt (Partner Vice-Chairman of the Board).